The Shneedles are the creation of Wolfe Bowart and Bill Robison. They can be found on the stages of grand concert halls and intimate parlors, performing at cabarets and corporate events, inhabiting festivals and afloat at sea on ocean liners. Their fast-paced hilarious productions can be full length stage events, four minute television spots or played as ambience and strolling entertainment. While Bowart's eager and optimist Shneedle lives in his own world of child-like curiosity, Robison's wiser more grown-up Shneedle reflects the wisdom of a seasoned vaudeville veteran. The Shneedles bring with them years of vaudeville, theater and circus skills. When making a simple breakfast, they might juggle the eggs, pre-scrambling them in the shell. If their tea is too hot, one of them may climb high atop a ladder, cooling the tea as they pour it from a great height. Making toast could become a game of skill, flinging slices of bread into the air and catching them in a toaster. While setting the table, plates spin and chairs balance on noses. If their feet get tired they'll walk on their hands. Why simply arrange flowers in a vase when they can use a catapult? And then there's dessert . . . The Shneedlesâ new work "LUGGAGE" This new work finds the two misfit performers under attack from the mysterious forces at work inside an abandoned suitcase. The Shneedles are also faced with other obstacles including a ravenous mouse, a music stand with a life of its own and an obstinate sound man. To make matters worse they both fall in love with the same woman in the audience and attempting to woo her, the Shneedles juggle her a three course meal and demonstrate feats of contortion, mime, magic, music and circus skills in a hilarious performance reminiscent of Jacques Tati and Buster Keaton. Young and old- the world laughs at its own reflection in the eyes of the Shneedles. letters-end